The Reiki Precepts


Life-changing affirmations: The Reiki Precepts.

Words, thoughts and beliefs are affirmations and are powerful. They plant seeds that sprout, and set wheels in motion.

Quantum physics describes this as a “Yes Universe”, a universe that is always saying yes to our commands of thought, word and belief. This has been verified scientifically in laboratory settings as mind affecting matter. The placebo effect and the observer effect are two examples.
It is a great Kindness that says yes to us, giving us this ability of manifestation beyond what our hands alone can do. Some refer to this as the Law of Attraction. As above so below. As within so without. Energy flows where attention goes. It is also referred to as the Law of Correspondence.
A positive affirmation is a statement that, when repeated and internalized, tends to change the course of events in one’s life in a positive way. The Yes Universe responds to affirmations through the Mirror Principle, mirroring back to us our perceptions, beliefs and statements. In this way life does not happen to us, but rather it responds to us. Many have used affirmations to heal from serious illness.
What is the ultimate affirmation? People often find that trying to use affirmation just for material gain leaves them unfulfilled. We don’t take material riches with us when we pass from this world. We came for a higher purpose.
Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho, provided a set of affirmations known as The Reiki Precepts. Speaking these precepts every day from the lips and from the heart strengthens one’s Reiki energy and advances one on the soul path. It manifests and transforms one’s life in meaningful and eternal ways.

Here are words in which the Reiki Precepts come through my heart. It is in present tense, since saying that it will happen in the future keeps pushing it away into the future. Now is where we reside. Stating affirmations in the now makes them active and potent.

The secret art of inviting happiness.

This precept expresses the essence of Reiki. I find the word “happiness” represents inner peace, illumination, higher consciousness and enlightenment. It is where Reiki brings us. Speaking these words invites Source into our conscious awareness bringing tremendous joy! Residing in this state, we align with universal truth which manifests in positive ways transforming our experience.

The miraculous medicine for all disease.

Reciting this precept affirms that the healing power of Reiki is flowing in one’s body, mind, emotion and spirit. When saying this in the morning, you can intend that it flows all day long. And it does! During the day as you go about your activities, wonderful healing waves come, releasing pain and tension, bringing revelations, guidance, wellbeing, insights, peace, and amazing synchronicities. Powerful medicine!

Just for today … I trust in the Divine – no worries.

This affirms the opposite of worry, which is trust, helping to balance and neutralize the manifestations that worry brings. Trusting Source in any situation brings expanded awareness, which is more accurate and plants seeds for positive outcomes. Instead of worry which is based in fear, constricts one’s vision and attracts negative outcomes. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

I am at peace – no anger.

Anger calls our attention to something that is out of balance so we can come back into balance. It is meant to be brief. But chronic anger becomes an acid that burns the one who holds onto it. I find anger is usually responding to erroneous fear-based thought. Honor the emotion but question the thoughts that caused it. The state of no anger is when anger does not arise at all because we are in balance and truth. Heart-centered and love based. This Reiki Precept helps one to maintain that truth and balance. Saying these words causes waves of peace and clarity to wash over us during the day.

Much kindness and respect for all beings.

In blessing others, I am blessed. Because we are One. The more love, respect and kindness that we give to everyone, the more we receive it. Immediately in the opening of our heart, and then like a boomerang as it comes back to us. The energy of Love travels in this way. Love for all life, which is sacred. Reiki is Love.

Much gratitude for this amazing gift of life.

Gratitude is a magnet for good things. The Yes Universe loves gratitude and showers gifts in its direction, giving us more to be grateful for. Speaking and feeling these words activates a deep and genuine experience of appreciation and thankfulness. Not just for things or circumstances, which are transient. But for existence, life itself. The miracle unfolding in every moment and in every breath.

Sacred action, good works. Dharma.

Action provides opportunity for major leaps in the evolution of one’s soul. The density of frequency here on Earth gives us unique ways to do this. Why it is called Earth School. Our incarnate human form is the vehicle.Embodying the trust, peace, kindness and gratitude of the first precepts brings realization of the miraculous nature of this existence. One’s actions align with this and become sacred. We come closer to fulfilling the purpose of human life, our dharma.In Gassho meditation, speak these Reiki Precepts from your lips and from your heart morning and night. Reiki makes these very powerful and potent affirmations. It will change the course of your day and your life in the most amazing way!

The Reiki Precepts, also known as the Reiki Ideals, are taught in Reiki training. The Precepts become activated and empowered by learning Reiki. You are most welcome to learn more about the Reiki Classes

Infinite love, peace & blessings,


Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

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Learn the Ancient Art of  Healing and Enlightenment

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