Technology For Living Your Highest Potential

Technology For Living Your Highest Potential:
The Original Japanese Reiki Techniques

Reiki was brought to the West from Japan by Reiki Master Hawayo Takata in the 1930’s. Reiki quickly spread throughout the world and is now used by millions of people across every continent and country.

Some of the original more intuitive Reiki techniques practiced in Japan by Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho, were not included in what Hawayo Takata brought to the West. By doing this, she made the practice of Reiki simple and easy to understand across all cultures while retaining its effectiveness.

In the 1990’s a group of Reiki Masters in the US traveled to Japan to learn more about Reiki, and discovered these original techniques of Mikao Usui. The techniques were then integrated into the teachings of certain Reiki Master Teachers and lineages in the West, including the International Center for Reiki Training.

These more intuitive methods became known as the Japanese Reiki Techniques, and they give practitioners additional abilities. This includes reading the human energy field, transmitting Reiki with parts of the body other than the hands, receiving and recognizing inner guidance and energetically clearing objects and spaces.

The energy attunement that students receive in Reiki training activates their ability to perform the Japanese Reiki Techniques. These beautiful techniques are taught in detail during my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes.

The first three Japanese Reiki Techniques described here were taught by Mikao Usui as the Three Pillars of Reiki.


The word Gassho means “two hands coming together” and is a transformative practice in which the practitioner brings his or her Reiki hands together in prayer position at the heart. The streams of Reiki flowing from the two hands merge to create a beautiful energy field. This has a powerful healing effect on one’s consciousness, health and wellbeing.
In Gassho the hands become like an antenna pulling life force energy into the heart, opening it. Many feel a limitless space or universe between their palms which flows into the heart bringing profound peace and clarity. This activates one’s higher faculties and extrasensory abilities. It also strengthens your Reiki.
Gassho is a method of meditation that can be done for any length of time. It is also done briefly in preparation for providing Reiki to yourself or others. Just prior to giving a Reiki session, during Gassho it is helpful to state two intentions: 1. surrendering as an open channel for Reiki to move through you; and 2. affirming the best and highest healing for the recipient. These intentions then become manifest in beautiful ways during the session.


The meaning of Reiji-ho is “indication of the spirit”. From the Gassho position, a person then moves their hands to the forehead with thumbs touching the 3rd eye. Reiji-ho is also both a meditative technique and part of preparing to give a Reiki session.

When preparing for a session, two powerful intentions can be stated in Reiji-ho position: 1. thanking for the healing (in present tense), and 2. inviting Divine guidance (example: “please guide me well”). This opens the 3rd eye, allowing one to be guided by Source and by the Reiki energy, showing us how to effectively proceed during the session. Reiji-ho is a wonderful way to develop one’s intuition and tune in to the voice of Higher Power.

Byosen Scanning

The energy attunement a person receives in Reiki training heightens their intuitive ability. This includes an opening of the palm chakras, which allows one to feel energy with the hands. Byosen means “disease line”. Through this method, the practitioner passes their hand over the recipient’s body scanning and feeling for Byosen or imbalanced energy. It gives direction to the practitioner about where Reiki is needed in the body, and what hand positions to use.


In this technique, the practitioner provides Reiki with their breath. Reiki symbols are used in combination with this technique. Many ancient healing methods recognize breath as a vehicle for transformation.


A trained practitioner can use this technique to send Reiki with his or her eyes. Reiki flows in the direction of the practitioner’s gaze and is received by the recipient. A person can do self-Reiki in a mirror using Gyoshi-ho. It is also used as a method for developing one’s clairvoyance.

Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho

This is a simple but effective method for clearing dense or lower vibrational energy from objects large or small. The practitioner uses Reiki in combination with hand and breath movements to clear the energy. People find it to be an especially good way to clear crystals.

Enkaku Chiryo

Reiki is energy, not bound by time and space. It is provided remotely just as effectively as in person and does not require proximity or touch. A practitioner trained at level 2 can send Reiki to a recipient across any distance.

Enkaku is “to send” and Chiryo is “treatment”. Through this technique, the recipient feels the Reiki energy and receive its benefits in a distance healing session. Recipients report feeling warmth, tingling, deep relaxation, peace and release of pain and tension in remote sessions.

Often the recipient can tell what part of their body the practitioner is sending Reiki to, even when the practitioner is thousands of miles away. I have clients around the world who are greatly helped by distance Reiki.


This technique is also known as “dry bathing”. It is a self-care technique for clearing one’s own energy. The attunement during Reiki 1 training opens the palm chakras enabling a practitioner to shower themselves with Reiki energy using particular motions of their hands, bathing themselves. This has an extraordinary cleansing, balancing and grounding effect.

The Japanese Reiki Techniques are an advanced technology for living a fulfilled, empowered and meaningful life, helping us to navigate with grace and ease. You are invited to come and learn these techniques in Reiki 1 & 2 training!

Infinite love, peace & blessings,


Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

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Learn the Ancient Art of  Healing and Enlightenment

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Receive Peaceful Reiki Healing in the Comfort of Your Home!

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