70% Off Reiki Class Retake

Reattunements strengthen your Reiki

For any class that you have attended with Beth, you are welcome to attend the class again as many times as you wish for just 30% of cost (a 70% discount).

Even if the first time you attended was online, come and receive the benefits of attending it again, this time as an in-person class at deep discount.

Usui Sensei provided repeated reiju (attunements) for his students to empower their Reiki. Following this great tradition, Beth also makes this available to you through the class retake offering.

Each time a class meets it is unique with many new things learned when you attend again.

To repeat a class and receive this discount, find the class you want to register for here:

While signing up for the class you’re reattending, click on “Redeem Coupon” and enter the code: CLASSRETAKE.

The Retake discount code can be applied to any single class, but is not combinable with the Reiki 1&2 Package discount. 

Once you sign up, enjoy the beautiful Reiki energy that starts flowing to you bringing healing, transformation and synchronicities. Take one step toward Reiki, and it takes a thousand steps toward you!

Infinite Reiki blessings to you.

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