Reiki to the Rescue

Reiki to the Rescue
Infinite Reiki blessings to you at this time of both challenge and opportunity. Every day I send healing loving energy to you and to all. Together we move through and beyond the covid-19 pandemic. It is strengthening and evolving us.


We are being invited to go within. Not just within our homes, but within our hearts which is the true home. There in our hearts is the unlimited love, strength, calm, clarity and wisdom that is needed now. It brings the peace that keeps us centered, healthy, happy, empowered and smart.


For years we’ve been talking about the Shift, the great awakening on Earth. We have seen and experienced the signs of it, such as escalating synchronicities and rapid increases in extrasensory abilities. Amidst the challenge of covid-19, a beautiful opportunity is offered to us …

Go into the inner space and you’ll find that the ability to access Spirit is stronger now. This is part of the Shift. Coinciding with this challenge to our root chakra, the crown chakra is opening.

This is the time to dive deep into spiritual practices every day, every moment, including meditation and Reiki. In doing so, we tip the energetic balance in us and on the planet toward love, helping to ease the fear. It has quite a ripple effect, starting with you!

Yes, important to follow the health advisories such as handwashing, social distancing and staying at home. But not in fear, which weakens the immune system. Rather, in calm, expanded conscious awareness and respect for the power of microbiology which is part of Nature.


When social distancing, let’s smile and send love from our hearts as we step back, even when the other person doesn’t. This will heal the trauma, strengthen our hearts and affirm our truth.

This little single-strand RNA was held in check in the animal kingdom. We disturbed it, giving it access to a vast and sometimes unhealthy human host in concentrated populations, making it easy for it to reproduce and spread. It is learning how to coexist with its new host in a way that does not destroy the host. And the human family is unifying as one to control its spread, which is absolutely phenomenal.


The pandemic is showing us that national borders do not exist. What many ancient and indigenous people knew, that we are all one. In this web of life of which we are all a part, no one part can be harmed or neglected without it affecting the whole web, all of us. The physiology is forcing us to awaken to this fundamental spiritual truth.

I am here for you. In support of your health and wellbeing, I offer DISTANCE REIKI HEALING SESSIONS. They provide the same benefits as in-person Reiki, because Reiki is energy not bound by space. For many years I have provided this to people around the world with amazing results.

Sessions include phone communication. All the same tools, including release of blocks and sound healing with singing bowls and other instruments, are included. You are welcome to visit the Healing Sessions page for information and to book sessions:

More virtual ways to access Reiki are on the way. Stay tuned and in the Light!

Love, peace & blessings,


Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

As If She Was There In the Room With Me

“My distance Reiki session with Beth was incredibly healing and uplifting. Despite being miles apart, I experienced the same powerful healing energies and spiritual guidance that I do during my in-person Reiki sessions; it truly felt as if she was there in the room with me. Overall, the session filled me with a tremendous sense of inner peace and well-being.”

~ Catherine Beers

Receive Peaceful Reiki Healing
in the Comfort of Your Home!

Receive Peaceful Reiki Healing in the Comfort of Your Home!

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