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When life gets busy, self-care becomes even more crucial yet is often missed. How to find time for personal health and wellbeing? The ancient healing technique of Reiki offers a solution that transcends physical boundaries and limitations.

Reiki is a holistic healing modality that originated in Japan. It is based on the principle that life force energy, known as “ki” or “chi”, flows through us. When this energy is imbalanced, it can lead to physical, mental or emotional ailments. A trained Reiki therapist channels this universal life force energy to promote healing within the recipient.

For decades, Reiki has been provided through distance healing sessions with powerful results. Reiki is energy, not bound by time and space. It does not require touch or proximity. Wherever you are, you can receive Reiki healing. Millions of people around the world receive the benefits of distance Reiki and are greatly helped. A Reiki Distance Healing Phone Session requires no travel time, making it easy to fit into busy schedules. It is available to everyone everywhere.

Whether Reiki is given remotely or in person, people report that the benefits are the same. It works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can help to heal any condition, including cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, neurological, reproductive, respiratory and psychological. Hundreds of hospitals in the US have offered Reiki for decades with excellent results.

I provide Reiki Distance Healing Phone Sessions. In each session I get to witness miracles! My training as an intuitive combines well with Reiki to bring a unique healing experience for the recipient.

What Happens in a Reiki Distance Healing Phone Session?

During Reiki distance sessions people tend to experience deep peace and relaxation. Often they feel pleasant sensations in their body such as warmth, tingling, release of pain and tension, and sometimes remission of symptoms or illness. Some see beautiful colors or light. They may also receive insights, revelations, answers, understanding and a profound sense of wellbeing.

Often the recipient can identify what part of their body I am sending the Reiki healing energy to across the miles. Their pets go to that part of the body, then move when my hands move.

For the first ten minutes of each session I work with the client off-phone before speaking with them. Then I call the client and remain on the phone with them for the rest of the session. During those first ten minutes, I connect energetically with the client and provide Reiki while scanning them. The scan is done by passing my hand over the person’s body to read their energy. This provides me with additional helpful information which the client often confirms later on the phone. The scan helps to guide me how to proceed effectively during the session. It uncovers underlying causes of problems allowing me to offer the right tools and techniques. 

Everything that I sense in the scan and during the session is sacred to me, no matter what it is. Because I know it is part of the person’s soul path and learning. I am in awe and respect of their process. It is all miraculous.

Many find they are more comfortable and at ease in their own environment during a distance session, leading to a deeper and more profound healing experience. When receiving distance Reiki at home, the energy also reaches your home environment helping to clear and raise the vibration of your surroundings. Experiencing Reiki healing at your location creates the tradition of sacred space in your home which also benefits others who live with you. Many people like to set up a special place in the home for this, where anyone in the family can go anytime for quiet meditation, regeneration and prayer. Periods of peace are an important part of a harmonious family life. 

Some clients like to enjoy a Reiki distance session in their car using the cars speakers for a surround sound experience. They park in a spot with a beautiful view and recline the seat back, for a private getaway.

My distance healing studio is filled with large windows facing a deep forest. Animals sometimes come to the windows and watch during the sessions, including deer, bird, fox, rabbit and coyote. They sense the energy and participate, imparting healing attributes such as gentleness (deer), freedom (bird) and abundance (rabbit) according to the need of the client. One time a pair of bluejays kept swooping near the windows during the session, which I had not seen before or since. This was meaningful to the client who understood the message due to experiencing a pair of blue jays during a major life event years before. 

Reiki Healing Techniques

In addition to the healing that the Reiki energy brings, I also offer many Reiki tools for deeper work. The client chooses what healing techniques they would like to receive. Here are some of the techniques that I offer in Reiki distance phone sessions …

Block Release

In this Reiki technique, we process and let go of an underlying energy block or pattern that was holding the person back in any area of life, such as health, wealth, relationships, career or spirituality. Energy blockages can keep a person stuck despite attempts to move on. Block Release gets to the root of it. So far everyone receiving a Block Release has experienced a positive shift allowing them to move forward in ways they could not before.

Cord Release

We are all connected. Challenges in a relationship between two people, such as disagreements, worrying, guilt or lack of forgiveness, can cause lower vibrational energetic connections between them. These are known as cords, keeping the two people corded to each other in that lower vibration. Especially if they keep thinking about what happened. Through this Reiki Cord Release process, a client becomes free of cords with someone, and is then empowered to navigate the relationship with clarity and compassion in a healthy way.


Through a guided journey, I help a person put their finger on the pulse of the mind/body connection within them. They witness first-hand in real time how their body responds to their thoughts. The client observes involuntary body functions changing in reaction to changes in thought. Body indicators include heart and breath rate, pain levels, digestion, muscle tension. I call this technique “Shifting Thoughts”. As we shift to better feeling thoughts, the body experiences a healing response. The client then has a tool they can use in life to maintain health and balance in the midst of challenges. They learn to take back their power and shift the very chemistry in their body for health.

Chakra Balancing

The human energy body is comprised of an electromagnetic or bio field (also known as the aura) and energy centers referred to as chakras. This subtle body is integral to the physical body and is part of how we experience life. It is measurable by scientific instruments and photographable by certain types of photography. Life experiences affect the subtle body, which then affects the physical body. During a distance healing phone session, I apply Reiki techniques for balancing the flow of energy in the chakras. This includes channeling Reiki to the seven primary chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown, sometimes with sound healing and tuning forks.

Journey Work

In Reiki there are symbols, which activate aspects of the healing energy. One of them is the Distance Healing Symbol, which assists me to connect with, read and effectively channel Reiki to a distant client. It transcends time and space. In Journey Work, with the help of the Reiki Distance Healing Symbol I guide a client on a journey to a past incident which they want to heal. They do not relive it. Rather, they are an impartial third-party healing presence. They learn how to watch the energies and bring the medicine to transform it.  Then they move forward in life with a different more accurate and empowering experience and memory of the incident. This has brought major healings in people’s lives.

Call & Response

Using the Reiki Distance Healing Symbol, I guide clients to connect with any fully illumined aspect of the Divine that they want to communicate with. This includes ascended masters, angels, prophets, deities, saints, sages, one’s own higher Self, or Source. Many have chosen Jesus. Once the conversation is initiated with the Divine, the client always receives a response coming back. It is a dialog. I also receive the response and verify it later for the client. We often hear and see the same thing. The Divine wants to commune with us, and is. It’s just about learning to tune in!

Shadow Work

We are all born with gifts. Sometimes our gifts and abilities are not allowed according to custom and culture, and become dormant. These are known as shadows. They are valid intrinsic parts of us that we’re not conscious of. Shadows can drive behaviors and attract outcomes in life. To be whole, shadows need to become a conscious healthy part of us. The type of Shadow Work I do, at the request of a client, utilizes the Halu Reiki symbol for healing at the subconscious level. It answers a lot of questions and helps a person to gain back their strengths.


Words, thoughts and beliefs have energetic effects on our health and our lives. Affirmation work is a way to channel that creative ability using the Law of Attraction, Mirror Principle and Law of Correspondence. I help a person to go within their heart and ask for a perfect affirmation for healing. Then I assist them in effective ways of working with the affirmation for best results. This has changed the course of events in people’s lives in very positive ways.

Guided Meditation

The type and lineage of Reiki that I practice uses channeled meditative journeys for healing. I refer to these as sacred spaces. They are not merely guided imagery. Rather, they are real places energetically where much healing work and transformation happens. People have profound spiritual experiences and spontaneous healings during these journeys into the higher levels of consciousness known as heavens.

Intuitive Development

As was prophesied thousands of years ago, this time on the Earth (our lifetime) brings great opportunity for awakening. Many people who come for distance healing sessions speak about how their intuitive abilities are suddenly opening. Some are a little confused by this, until they learn to use their gifts. I assist people to understand and develop their intuitive abilities. Otherwise it can be a challenge. A sensitive person or “empath” can feel like a sponge, unintentionally absorbing too much. But there is a way to embrace this sensitivity without being a sponge, turning it into the superpower it is meant to be.

Sound Healing

The field of Sound Healing has become prominent in recent decades, as scientists discover the amazing properties of sound. I am trained in Reiki Sound Healing. When toning or vibrating certain instruments, I pass Reiki through them. The sound waves become amplifiers and carriers of Reiki to the listeners, who often say they feel it as healing in their bodies. The instruments I use include quartz crystal and precious metal Himalayan singing bowls, gong, drum, and tuning forks. Clients enjoy and receive the benefits of this during distance Reiki sessions.


Clinical Qigong is another modality that I am trained in which I offer to clients in combination with Reiki. Qigong is a centuries-old health practice stemming from Chinese medicine. Sometimes I provide ancient Qigong remedies to clients which they can practice during and after the session. This empowers them to participate in their own healing. The remedies often involve gentle body movements that work with meridians or energy pathways in the body.


I am also trained and certified in evidential mediumship. A medium can sense and receive communications from those in spirit. We all have this ability to some extent and can develop it. Sometimes a client’s deceased loved one asks to communicate with me during a session. If they meet certain parameters, and with the permission of the client, I will receive them. Their messages are always healing and empowering for the client. Often it brings closure and peace, alleviating sorrow. It also enables the client to experience our eternal nature, supporting their spiritual development. There is no death.


Another gift of Reiki Distance Healing Phone Sessions is the raising of our consciousness. By experiencing Reiki remotely, a person receives proof of oneness and higher dimensions. Because the experience is not dependent upon physical proximity it transcends 3D, enabling us to transcend three-dimensional limitation. Which is quite miraculous! It invites you to experience peace and freedom where you are, instead of feeling you need to escape. The force of Universal Love is everywhere and closer than breath.

Reiki Distance Healing Phone Sessions are an answer for convenient flexible self-care during full and busy days. You are most welcome to schedule a session on the Distance Healing page. It will be my honor to assist you!

Infinite Love, Peace and Blessings,


Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

My Distance Reiki Session

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from my distance Reiki session, but as soon as it began I felt the peaceful and comforting energy that Beth generously transmits. As the session continued, Beth explained her process and where on my body she was transmitting energy. Each time Beth moved to a new spot, I could feel the energy flowing to that spot even before she told me where she was focusing.  It was as powerful a session as I have ever had.”

~ Matthew Karmel

Receive Peaceful Reiki Healing
in the Comfort of Your Home!

Receive Peaceful Reiki Healing in the Comfort of Your Home!

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