Preparing for Your Distance Healing Session

Experience the healing of a Reiki Distance Session in the comfort of your home

Reiki Distance Healing

Welcome! A Reiki Distance Healing telephone session can be scheduled at your desired time on the Distance Healing page.

As your session draws near, you may notice increased feelings of peace and wellbeing. Reiki energy is not bound by time and space. Pause and enjoy the beautiful vibrations!

Here are practical steps and information to optimize your experience …

Prior to your first distance session, you may email a photo of the recipient to Beth, at:

You will receive a phone call from Beth shortly after the beginning of the session, once she has connected with you energetically and scanned your energy field.

Choose a quiet location where you can relax and be comfortable. Either seated or lying down is fine. Once Beth has called you, it is recommended to put your phone on “Do not disturb” to avoid interruptions during your session. Place your phone nearby with the speaker on, or use headphones, freeing your hands so that your body is relaxed.

A car session is also therapeutic, parked in a quiet spot with a beautiful view. Recline the seat back and relax. Connect your phone to the car speaker and listen to sound healing instruments along with guided meditation and Beth’s voice to create a private, energy healing, surround-sound getaway.

Consultation is provided at the beginning and end of the treatment. Sessions may include scanning, clearing of blocks, chakra balancing, cord release, sound healing, shadow work, biofeedback and guided meditation, among many other tools. Healing takes place on all levels – body, mind, emotion and spirit. 

Sound healing may include tuning forks, quartz crystal and Himalayan metal singing bowls, drum, ting-sha, koshi bell and other instruments.

To give a Reiki Distance Healing session to someone, you can either book the session for them or give them a Gift Certificate. Before booking for someone, first get their permission. In the booking enter their name, email address and phone number so they will receive the confirmation email with instructions about how to prepare for their session. To give a Gift Certificate: Purchase Gift Certificate.

Service area for Reiki Distance Healing telephone sessions: United States USA. We serve all US time zones. Session times are quoted as EST – Eastern Standard Time, though you can change the time zone in your shopping cart while booking.

You can choose to make payment either online at the time of booking or later at the end of the session. When paying at end of session, we accept credit or debit card, Zelle, Venmo, FSA (Flexible Spending Account), and HSA (Health Spending Account). Gratuity is welcome and can be added at the end of the session. 

Coupons, gift certificates or 3-Packs can be redeemed online when booking by clicking “Redeem coupon” in your cart and entering the coupon code.

For more information about Reiki Distance Healing Sessions, and to schedule your appointment, please visit the Distance Healing page by clicking on the Book Session button below.

Thank you. Abundant health, happiness and wellbeing to you!

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Cat Confirms Distance Reiki

“My remote Reiki session with Beth was as effective as an on-site session. I felt her Reiki arriving before she even called me to discuss the body scan. Beth told me she was guided to send Reiki to a specific part of my body, and as she began to do that, my cat laid down in that exact place! I felt sensations of heat during the session, and when it concluded, I felt calm and peaceful. An added benefit of a remote session is that you can get comfortable with your own pillows and blankets, and when the session is over, you can rest as long as you like – no need to get up and drive home! Beth is wise, ethical, caring and gifted – I highly recommend a remote Reiki session with Beth.”

– Tara Lewin Shankman

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