RESOURCES FOR HEALTHY LIVING. A complement to Reiki healing, from our Partners in Wellness. Wholesome products for detoxifying your environment, advanced technology for ultra pure drinking water, yoga and more.


Mystic Wonders

mystic_wonders_inc_logoNatural products for body and home. Simple botanical formulas, including Amish-made and wildcrafted ingredients, free of chemicals and preservatives. Mystic Wonders uses green technology to design and formulate products to help you detox your world. The Ayate cloth not only exfoliates, but imparts medicinal properties of the Ayate cactus. Follow it with the Wonder Lotion Bar, the best moisturizer on the planet, and your skin will thank you. The Wonder Laundry ball rids clothes of harmful detergent chemical residue.

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PUR2o-LOGOWater is essential to life, and its quality affects every aspect of our physical health. PUR2o systems provide ultra pure, pH balanced, anti-oxidant drinking water. Their unique method of filtration, purification and mineral enrichment produces fresh delicious tasting water with powerful health benefits. Over a short time, the system pays for itself because of PUR2o’s low annual cost of maintenance.

To receive a $100 discount, call or email Beth Wishbow on the Contact page.

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Gurukul Holistic Center

gurukul_logoYoga means “to join” or “union”. It brings purification and control of the mind, as one engages in physical positions of the body known as asanas. Yoga helps to develop balance, strength and inner harmony. It is very complimentary to Reiki. Gurukul Yoga Holistic Center is the home of Classical Yoga in Bridgewater, NJ. They hold yoga classes for all ages. The Center also offers classes in other modalities, including aromatherapy, nutrition, music and dance.


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