Mind at Peace

“It was pleasure learning and understanding Principles of Reiki Energy and receiving my Reiki I and II Attunements from Beth. It has been a wonderful experience. And most importantly the support that she provided before, during and after the sessions. Her depth of understanding of what one needs, dedication, patience and perseverance to effortlessly convey what will help her students absorb to the fullest, is noteworthy.

Before the training, when I received a Reiki healing treatment for the first time, I released some hidden and stagnant emotions. It felt lighter and clearer. I experienced reduced self-irritation and my mind was quiet. Then when I registered myself for Beth’s Reiki Level I training, the whole week before the class I experienced slow down of thoughts and my mind was at peace. During the training I got subtle experiences of energy visually and feeling it. But at Beth’s Reiki II training & attunement, while giving and receiving Reiki with classmates I experienced stronger sensation of energy, and some interesting experience with the crystals that I was wearing.”

Sejal Shah Gandhi