Manifest Your Dreams

Manifest Your Dreams

The Power of Reiki Makes Dreams Come True

Are you ready to manifest your dreams and bring your deepest heartfelt passions into physical form? Do you yearn to know your soul’s true mission in this life, and to fulfill it?

Reiki is a powerful tool for manifesting goals, dreams, and one’s unique higher purpose. In addition to the deep peace, relaxation and healing that it brings, Reiki also has many other practical applications.

Apply Reiki to anything in life and watch it transform! Trying to find something you lost? Reiki will help you find it. Feeling stuck? Reiki will release what is blocking you. Want to attract abundance of good in all its forms? Reiki helps to put those wheels in motion for you.

What makes Reiki so powerful? It is a tangible observable energy and presence that flows direct from Source. Omnipotent omnipresent Divine Love. Since it comes from the Origin of all, from Spirit, there is nothing it cannot do.

The symbols of Reiki provide simple easy ways to manifest endless good in all aspects of life. These symbols have amazing attributes, such as cleansing, clearing, empowering, sealing, transmitting, attracting, manifesting and healing.  Once you are attuned to the symbols in a Reiki training, the symbols and their powers are at your fingertips always accessible.

The Power Symbol strengthens the action of your positive affirmations and intentions. The Mental Emotional Healing Symbol aligns your subconscious with those intentions. The Distance Healing Symbol bridges your affirmation to solid outcomes.

When using Reiki and the symbols for your goals, it plants seeds that sprout. The results are quite mind-blowing, in the best possible way! Circumstances start to shift in positive directions, usually better than what we envisioned.

Like a boomerang, Reiki starts bringing abundant resources, synchronicities and love back to you.

The testimonials on my website give many examples. Clients and students have secured better jobs, overcome financial limitations, moved into their perfect dream homes, found the love of their life, healed from illnesses, conceived and gave birth to healthy children despite fertility issues, advanced spiritually and much more.

The deep peace of Reiki brings us in touch with our Creator and triggers soul memories of why we chose to incarnate here in this body at this time. Helping each of us to remember our special gifts, our divine mission and purpose.

We are all meant to have these abilities! It is part of our nature as souls in human form. Everyone can do it once they attend a Reiki class.

You are invited to come and learn this sacred art, to become empowered to change the course of events by aligning with and channeling the Force of Love through Reiki in your life, for you and your loved ones, for humanity and for the planet!

Check out the Reiki Classes page for course descriptions, dates and registration. The classes are a fun, practical and deeply fulfilling experience, empowering you to manifest your dreams. I hope to see you there!

Infinite love, peace & blessings,


Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

Learn the Ancient Art of
Healing and Enlightenment

Learn the Ancient Art of  Healing and Enlightenment

BANG That New Door Will Open
“For the past two years I’ve found it difficult to both attract new customers and be offered employment by other companies. I was out of money. I was feeling very stressed. Selling material possessions to pay bills, eating less food because I had very little money and knowing how it feels to be a vegetarian. I still did not see a more solid, consistent solution to my situation. Having less and less patience with the process, I sought out Beth to help support me. To help me be more strongly connected to my Angels, my Source, to move in the most direct way for The Highest Good for All (Including Me). Among other things, Beth performed Aura Clearings on me to remove blocks. After the first Aura Clearing I felt more positively energized, the selling of material possessions went more quickly, small consulting jobs came more frequently, I had a much more favorable outlook. During the second Aura Clearing a potential employer called to schedule an interview. I’m continuing on my path of Awesomeness! Beth is Awesome too. Beth has care and compassion for people at the Highest level. She is a talented energy worker who is a Master at her craft. With Beth helping you be prepared because BANG that new door will open right in front of your face! Be ready, Be!”
~ E. King

Receive Peaceful Reiki Healing
in the Comfort of Your Home!

Receive Peaceful Reiki Healing in the Comfort of Your Home!

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