Jaguar Eyes

Jaguar Eyes

Developing Your Intuition: Jaguar Eyes

Have you noticed synchronicities? For example: someone enters your thoughts, then the phone rings and it is them. Most people respond “Yes!” when I ask this question.

Synchronicities are everywhere, yet we often don’t see them. We have been trained to look at the physical, in three dimensions, perceiving everything as separate. Meanwhile, a miracle of limitless dimensions is taking place around and within us, in every particle and in every moment.

For thousands of years shamans in certain indigenous traditions have used a technique called Jaguar Eyes to see what the human eyes cannot. They call it Jaguar Eyes because jaguars have night vision. In recent decades scientists have discovered and proven underlying principles of this ancient art of seeing.

Scientific Discoveries

Science has come to observe in laboratory settings, what the ancients and indigenous have long known. The interconnectivity and oneness of all existence. The unified field, as quantum physics calls it. The web of life, as indigenous have described it. Do something to one strand in the web, and it affects the entire web. Touch an electron in one laboratory, and its sister electron in a laboratory thousands of miles away reacts. We are not separate.

The Placebo Effect is a demonstration of this oneness. Thought changes the body. The expectation that a pill will cure an ailment can cause the illness to heal even if it is a sugar pill with no medicine in it. This has been so proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that pharmaceutical companies account for the placebo effect when determining the efficacy of drugs during clinical trials.

The Observer Effect is also evidence of interconnectivity. Decades ago, scientists saw signs of electrons acting like waves. But when they looked more closely, the electrons changed and acted like particles. The act of observing changed the observed, so they called it the Observer Effect. This was replicated many times with the same result in the famous Double Slit Experiment.

The Empath Challenge / Opportunity

Through the unified field many people “pick up” on others’ feelings and thoughts from a distance, and don’t know they are doing it. This is not about reading body language when a person is near. Instead, it happens when the other person is miles away with no verbal communication. Psychologists and others call such individuals “empaths” or “sensitives”. This can be a challenge when the empath absorbs too much, experiencing information overload.

We are all born empath, receiving information through extrasensory abilities. This is part of what makes babies so beautiful. If you ever notice a baby looking above or to the side of your head, the baby may be watching your energy field or aura (which is also detectable by scientific instruments). Cultural conditioning gradually teaches us to stop recognizing energy fields. The baby notices that adults do not see the aura, and so follows what the adults are doing. The walls of separation are created in the baby’s perception.

Adult empaths never did completely put up those walls, and are still more open. They tend to absorb others’ thoughts and emotions from a distance without realizing or intending it. Some empaths sense many other things too. Most empaths don’t know that they are empath, and that what they are feeling may not be theirs. This can be confusing.

During these experiences, empaths ask: “Why am I feeling this? What is wrong with me?”. My answer: “This is not what’s wrong with you. This is what’s right with you”.

Empath intuitive sensitivity is a natural part of us and it is a superpower. There are ways to develop this ability so that it becomes our greatest strength rather than a difficulty. Like x-ray vision, it gives us a whole other way of accurately sensing and intuitively receiving information which helps us to navigate life much more effectively. We see a bigger more accurate picture.

Many police departments and the military are very familiar with this. They use intuitives to solve forensic cases and gather intelligence information through remote viewing.

Managing Your Sensitivity

I discovered my empath nature early in life. Learning about this answered a lot of questions, helping me understand what had been going on. Still, I was unintentionally absorbing energies, and asked: “How to get a handle on this sensitivity?” So I tried what many advise empaths to do: to shield. To imagine a shield around me for protection.

But I found shielding did not work. It made that which I was shielding against more powerful than it really is, by saying “You are so powerful, I have to amass a shield against you”. This put me in a fear state as a gatekeeper, creating belief in danger and victimhood. I found this approach makes one weaker.

Then I decided to try the opposite. Instead of directing my attention outwardly in a fear-based protective mode of shielding, I turned my attention inward to my heart with love and placed a hand at my heart. Gradually there was a stirring, a quickening. An opening of the heart. This is a glorious experience. There are many profound writings over the centuries about the incredible power of the spiritual heart opening.

Warm tingling feelings engulfed me, deep revelations flowed on soul memories, beautiful white light emerged in my vision. I was flooded with such bliss and divine presence of Light. In this lit-up state, suddenly I could sense energies from afar long before they could enter me. And being in Light, anything not fully lit could not enter because darkness and light do not coexist.

So the answer to the empath challenge/opportunity is to open the heart and turn within to this infinite source of Light. This provides clear vision, helping you to see and easily navigate the energies rather than absorbing them. Often I can even tell who the thought or emotion is coming from, and call them to confirm it. Sure enough. Over many years, I have found this technique to work very well and have shown many people ways of doing it.

Eventually, I discovered that some Native American medicine people use this technique of powering up the light from within and shining it out through an open spiritual heart. To light your way. They call this technique “Jaguar Eyes”.  Because jaguars have night vision, they see in the dark.

When you are lit up, your spiritual light strong and flowing, your field of vision is illuminated. You have clear vision, and can see or sense things from miles away. Jaguar Eyes. This helps one to identify whether that thought or emotion you just felt is even yours. Knowing that helps you to not own it. Rather, to keep it on the horizon at arm’s length instead of it entering you before you know it because you were not lit and never saw it coming.

One time I attended a presentation given by a gifted clairvoyant who visually sees the human energy field. About thirty people were in attendance, and I was in the back row. As she spoke, I practiced Jaguar Eyes for my own wellbeing, not thinking anyone would notice. She stopped speaking, looked at me and said: “You in the back row, what are you doing back there? Your aura is expanding out to the walls of this room and beyond!” Busted. This is real, and palpable.

Reiki is a very effective tool for this, for developing intuition, accessing higher faculties, and raising one’s conscious awareness. It strengthens your clairsenses, such as clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing).

Learning to tune in to the Light within also brings us in touch with our Creator. That Light is our Source. Always here loving, supporting, guiding and breathing us. The dialog with God that takes place in the Light within our hearts is the True Conversation. That love is pouring on constantly. The human body is perfectly designed to feel, taste, hear and see it, to experience that most beautiful lovemaking with the ultimate beloved. We have all received glimpses.

Reiki Opens Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing

In near-death experiences and videos, people often describe the white light they saw after death. They express how overwhelmingly unconditionally loving that Light Presence was and is. And how much more real it is than this earthly realm. They describe it as our true home.

When people receive Reiki in a healing session or a training, very often they also report seeing white light. A frequent comment: “My eyes were closed and suddenly it was as if someone had turned the light on in the room, but when I opened my eyes the light was not on in the room”. We don’t have to leave our body to experience Source.

Intuitive Scanning Helps Clients

After discovering Jaguar Eyes, eventually I decided to receive further training in intuitive development which also led to mediumship training. What I learned in these trainings, along with Divine Guidance, combines well with Reiki.

As a trained intuitive, I use my empath sensitivity and extrasensory abilities during Reiki healing sessions to help my clients. Reiki has transformed my empath sensitivity into the superpower it was meant to be. It allows me to scan the client from any distance, to accurately gather information for healing. 

In Reiki Distance Healing Telephone Sessions, I scan the client remotely before calling them. In the in-person sessions, I ask them to tell me nothing until I have scanned them. This allows their body to speak to me first before their mind, which provides additional information.

During the scan, I pass my hand over the client’s body either remotely or in person and intuitively receive specific information. The purpose of the scan is to guide me how to best proceed in the session: what hand positions to use, what tools and techniques to provide. Though the information that I sense is specific, as a Reiki master I do not diagnose.

In one Reiki Distance Healing Session, before we spoke I sensed during the scan that the client was trying to decide career direction and was feeling torn. When I told him the results of the scan, he confirmed this. Family members wanted him to go in one career direction. He wanted to honor them, but was not sure it was a good fit. This was a first-time session; I did not know him or his family.

Then while providing Reiki, as a medium I sensed one of his deceased loved ones. This deceased loved one showed me evidence that identified him, including hair and eye color, other physical characteristics, and a wheelchair. Then he gave a message: a scene of the client in a tropical location teaching scuba diving. When I told this to the young man, he laughed and said: “Yes, that is an accurate description of my deceased uncle, and I have always dreamt of teaching scuba diving in a tropical location”. Then the uncle said loudly to me: “Tell him to follow his heart!”. Shortly after that session, the client chose to move south and has been happily teaching scuba diving.

Everything that I sense in a client is miraculous to me. Ups, downs, no matter what. Because I know it is all part of the person’s soul path and learning, and is sacred.  

These are just a few of the many intuitive miracles that take place in the Reiki healing sessions and classes. With training and development, we are all capable of this. It is a very natural part of us, given to us by our Creator. With these gifts I would be honored to assist you, and to help you to develop your unique gifts too.

Infinite love, peace & blessings,


Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

A Heart Opening Remote Healing

“My Distance Healing Session with Beth was a beautiful, heart opening experience. At the beginning of our session she scanned me and identified specific physical and energetic areas for us to work on. She is always so insightful! It is amazing that she can sense areas that need attention from a distance, without me saying a word! She was able to feel changes in my third eye and my heart chakra since our last session. She was also able to tell that the right side of my body was feeling tighter than my left!

It was beautiful how, even from a distance, I could feel the Reiki energy as if I was at an in-person healing session.

Beth always brings her focused, professional, mystic, beautiful self to every session. She takes such care to make sure my experience is complete, often giving extra time to do so. My spiritual journey would not be complete without the beautiful Reiki experiences I have had with Beth. If you are at all interested in Reiki, I highly recommend a Distance Reiki Healing session with Beth!”

~ Diana Befi
Pain Disappeared

“I went to Beth for a Reiki healing session. She asked me to tell her nothing about myself at first. Then she “scanned” my entire body by passing her hand over it, and intuitively sensed that my right shoulder was in pain. This was correct. I had been in a lot of discomfort with my shoulder for years, and nothing was helping.

A warm comforting sensation came from Beth’s hands as she held them a couple of inches from my shoulder. Suddenly she described smelling wonderful spicy foods, and saw me as a child walking on paths and on a beach with palm trees. Then she saw a man, and described him in physical detail. It was a very accurate description of my deceased father. I replied that the food and the beach were an important part of my childhood in Brazil, and that I don’t think about Brazil or my father anymore because when I do it makes me sad because I miss them.

Then she said that this sadness I was holding in my heart, by cutting myself off from my culture and father, was affecting the shoulder pain. And that instead I can have both of them in my life every day. She encouraged me to embrace the local Brazilian community and culture here in NJ, and to talk to my father often. To bring both of them back into my heart and my life. I started doing this right there on the table, while she gave Reiki. By the end of the session, the pain was completely gone! Afterward, I continued to include Brazil and my father in my life every day. It has been many months and the pain has not come back.”

~ Renata Chas

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