Inner GPS

Inner GPS

During this pivotal time on planet Earth, together let us turn to our ultimate navigation system – our Inner GPS. 

In the midst of the changes we are experiencing in the world, there is a Light so bright that nothing can diminish it. Impervious, ageless, formless, timeless, soundless, beginningless, endless, immutable, omnipresent, omnipotent, infinite, absolute, pure, wise, all-knowing and eternal unconditional love. Always here for us, breathing us and giving us life! The miracle is continuously unfolding, no matter what.

The light of Source is so strong and present! I feel it bringing a beautiful shift in response to humanity’s deepest heart’s desire for awakening. Sometimes this seems like a big wave landing upon the shore, shifting the sands, the particles of matter, and reshaping the landscapes of our lives. It also feels like a birthing. As prophesied, part of the birth is upheaval – the shifting of sands.

Reiki healing to everyone as we all journey through these changes. May the healing energy smooth your path and bring you peace. What we go through we grow through. Together.

Navigating the global shift can be challenging. But what is coming, the new life, is worth every bit of the pain of birthing. I see clearly a very beautiful reality of heaven on earth, just waiting for us to choose it.

Focus on the unspeakable beauty of the light as it moves within the heart, and everything becomes clear. Keep the eyes on the prize, the real, the truth within. Then the truth becomes known: the sacredness, oneness and magic of this amazing Creation of which we are so blessed to be a part.

This is the time to go within and receive, where divine love is always flowing with endless gifts. Immersing in the inner beauty brings peace and healing to the body, mind and soul. The light manifests into form in ways that defy and surpass our expectations.

Seeing the light within, one sees it everywhere. Creator is helping us to do this. To see with the inner eye. The ultimate GPS.

Let not the illusory divisions and duality disturb one’s focus on the light. The divisions are part of the shifting sands and are fleeting. We are not these divisions. We are one. May we speak truth from the heart with love not hatred, guided by the pure inner light. Respectfully hold elected representatives accountable to support all life. Immerse in the divine attributes of love, compassion, insight, understanding and clarity then let that flow from our hearts into our thoughts, words and actions. Then peace will reign on Earth.

All spiritual traditions contain prophesies of this potential of the great awakening, especially during this time on Earth. In each of our hearts we hold the memory of this promise, carried with us across many lifetimes. We also hold the age-old key to its fulfillment. The conditions have been created for it. It is up to us to step up, to remember that we signed up for this. To be instruments of the Light. The kingdom of heaven is within.

See now a magnificent eternal flame within the heart. The golden ray of one’s attention makes it grow. Feel and watch its power and gentleness as it dances into infinite prisms of color and exquisite graceful movement and manifestation. God’s show within, communicating with us in every moment. Grace in action, bringing us the precious gift of life. Behold its purity and perfection. There is nothing it cannot heal. Close your eyes and stay here with this living eternal flame for a while. May it to cleanse, nurture and guide you.

Endless thanks and deep gratitude to the Creator.


Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

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Receive Peaceful Reiki Healing in the Comfort of Your Home!

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