Healing Relationships

Healing Relationships

Healing Relationships Through Cord Release

Interactions between two people form energetic connections between them. These vibratory links show up in many ways. Like when you think of someone and in a little while that person calls or texts you. Or when you feel a wave of love that carries the vibration of a someone you know and you sense they may be thinking of you.

This is such a natural and beautiful phenomena. Loving thoughts about someone sends powerful blessings to them across any distance. They can feel it.

Cords and the Bio Field

There are also interactions of a lower vibration, such as disagreements, lack of forgiveness, worrying, guilt, resentment, anger. The energy links that sometimes form between two people through these kinds of interactions are known as cords. They are residual traces left from the interactions, residing in a person’s energy field and body, keeping them connected or corded to the other person in that lower vibration.

Each of us is surrounded by a bio field, also referred to as an electromagnetic field or aura. It is measurable by scientific instruments, and can be photographed by certain types of photography. We all sense eachother’s fields even if we don’t realize it. Like when you get a “vibe” or gut feeling. This is where cords reside.

Lower vibrational energetic connections, or cords, with another person are part of one’s soul path and learning. Once processed and learned from, they naturally release. But if one or both people in the interaction keeps thinking about what happened, or holds negativity toward the other, this can entrench the cords and make them last for years. Even if they try to forget it.

How would you know if you have cords with someone? If that person keeps popping into your thoughts and it doesn’t feel good, that can be one indication of cords.

In healing sessions, sometimes I provide a Reiki technique called Cord Release. It is a participatory process where I assist the client to release the cords and receive the learning or gift. We take a beautiful meditative journey in which Reiki does the release. This is different than methods for releasing cords that don’t use Reiki.

Cord release does not disconnect you from another person – we are all interconnected. Instead, it removes the lower vibrational cords on your end and resets you back to a positive connection within yourself toward the other person. It frees you.

After a cord release, later clients often report that they feel neutral, untriggered and unbothered by whatever the other person does. They are able to see the other person more accurately and compassionately. The other person is not affected and acts however they choose. The liberation is for the client.

Cords tend to cloud our vision making it hard to understand and navigate a relationship. Once cords are released, it often brings clarity of vision regarding the relationship. The client now sees how to proceed in a healthy way. This may mean coming closer together. Or it may be taking space and healthy boundaries. Married couples have cord releases done and find it helps their marriage.

Client Cord Releases

Examples of the hundreds of miraculous cord releases …

In one healing session a woman complained about an unhealthy romantic relationship. She knew it wasn’t “the one”, but for years she couldn’t break it off. Each time she heard his voice on the phone she couldn’t stop herself and would run into his arms regretting it later. We did a cord release. That night he called her. But this time, the sound of his voice had the opposite effect on her and she couldn’t wait to get off the phone with him. She was no longer pulled by the cords and finally was able to move on.

In each healing session, before I speak with a client first I scan them. This allows their body to speak to me before their mind does, and often sheds light on things. In a Reiki Distance Healing Phone Session, I scan the client before calling them. This gives me a clean read with no preconceptions and helps guide me how to best proceed in the session. As a trained intuitive, I uncover underlying causes of problems. Often I sense cords that the client has with others, though I don’t know them.

Another client was experiencing considerable upper back and neck pain, along with cords in a particular relationship. I picked all of this up during the scan before calling her, which she confirmed later when we spoke. We did a cord release with that individual. As the cords released, so did her upper back. She described it as “Like my back was cracked in the most delicious way”. After the session, her relationship, upper back and neck greatly improved. 

Sometimes we bury these cords in an attempt to forget them. But the cords are still there, often for many years, and if not healed can affect our health. The next story illustrates this.

It was a first-time client. When I scanned her, at her heart I sensed cords with her grandmother. Something that had happened a long time ago and weighed upon her. When I mentioned it, at first she brushed it off. Yet each time my hand came to her heart, I heard it again. Then she admitted that she had been trying to ignore an incident regarding her grandmother, but had long carried great guilt about what happened.

Her family had planned a trip to visit the grandmother who lived in another country. My client chose to not join them. Shortly after, the grandmother passed. The client turned to regret, remorse and guilt for not seeing her grandmother that one last time. She said that it felt like a boulder weighing on her chest all these years. She was starting to have cardiovascular problems.

Through the healing power of Reiki, the cords of guilt that she had placed between herself and her grandmother were released. By the end of the session she reported that the boulder was gone and she felt great. Releasing the cords helped her to forgive herself. After that she held only love and beautiful thoughts of her grandmother, and the health of her physical heart improved.

The Ocean

Often cords release completely in the session. Sometimes the release can continue over time, peeling off like layers. It depends partly on the client’s readiness, and how deep the cords are. It is very rare that additional cord releases are needed with the same individual – one time is usually enough.

These lower vibrational cords do not happen to us. We are not victims. Rather, we participate in them and co-create them. We can also choose to not co-create cords, by holding the frequency of love, understanding and compassion. In the midst of situations, it helps to remember that we are all beautiful souls having a human experience in Earth School, learning life and soul lessons.

Often when a person releases cords they then feel to forgive. Forgiveness first requires being heard and validated. Once that happens, releasing the cords makes it easy to forgive. This does not mean condoning, or saying what the other person did was ok. Rather, it is a way of freeing yourself from the burden of unforgiveness which if held inside can burn and lead to health issues. Forgiveness is for the person who is doing the forgiving.

An analogy that helps a person through cord release: look at the ocean. I love the ocean, but I know that it can drown me. So when it is storming, I don’t insert myself in its tide. Instead, I step back and give it the space it needs to storm. Do I still love it? Yes, even more. Because now I understand and respect its nature, and its right to storm.

I also respect my right to not be in that storm. So as I walk the other way, I bless that person who is storming. This allows me to walk with a clean heart toward them. Then any time I think of them, it is only with love. This maintains my wellbeing and sends healing energy to them without attachment.

The unconditional love and respect goes in both directions – to me and to other who is not separate from me. It is not my place to judge, control or fix. Only to love.

Infinite love, peace & blessings,


Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

Like My Back Was Cracked In The Most Delicious Way

“Due to everything going on I have been working from home for the past few months. On top of general anxiety on emotional and spiritual levels, my upper back and neck have been bothering me. I decided to try a Reiki session with Beth for the first time. Before calling me for our distance session, Beth scanned me remotely and was able to detect something happening in my upper back and lower neck right away. She also accurately sensed some emotions and relationship challenges with particular individuals in my life. Then she called me, shared the results of the scan, and we discussed it.

Beth found the best way to ease the discomfort in my upper neck and back was through a cord release to heal one of those relationships. During the session I felt the pressure release in my upper back and neck, almost like my back was cracked in the most delicious way. It was amazing to feel the physical change so quickly and so strongly. Not only did my back and neck feel so much better after the session, my anxiety was soothed and I have been significantly calmer since. My physical comfort, mindset and relationships have all improved.”

~ Reid Maglione

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