Healing and Transformation

Healing and Transformation

Seeds of great healing and transformation are being sown in the upheavals we are experiencing in the 21st century. Like tremendous waves crashing upon the shore of our consciousness, washing up and exposing the unhealed wounds that they may finally reach the light of day and be healed. The global outpouring of millions in protest of racism and injustice is one of these waves.

An imbalance that has long existed is now coming to the surface in plain sight. This is shaking and waking us up, moving us toward clarity. If we listen.

Nature is speaking very loud in these waves of change that are reshaping our lives. True to the ancient prophesies about our time, this is a potential major leap in our evolution. How do we really hear the message and truly heal?

I have been blessed to live in ethnically diverse communities. One of them was the South Bronx, NY, in the early 1980s. It was a rough time in that community. I worked for an international relief organization and we moved in to help. We ran a free ambulance service and taught free EMT classes to local residents. This saved many lives, as the city EMS was not able to fully respond to the need there. It also empowered the people.

There were many beautiful Black families trying to make a life for themselves and their children, in the midst of the poverty and violence that was fueled by racial tension and injustice. Living in that neighborhood, I was fortunate to enjoy a beautiful bond with the people we served. It was a great honor.

I learned from this work that it isn’t enough to treat symptoms. We provided damage control, which was needed, but did not really get to the cause of it. It became clear that both the cause and the ultimate solution are within each of us. Change has to start in the minds and hearts of all people, a shift in mass consciousness. Only then will it manifest externally in a real and sustained way.

So I started to pursue avenues for individual healing and enlightenment, bringing change one person, one heart, at a time. Including my own. This eventually led to Reiki, a very powerful method for healing and awakening.

The fear that manifests as racism has been systemic in many of our institutions and in the collective psyche and is a symptom of an underlying imbalance. We need to go deep in order to really heal it. Education and reform are good and needed but are not enough.

In all of our institutions, I would love to see Reiki, meditation, yoga, mindfulness and other methods for healing and spiritual development become widely available for all and a part of the training for civil servants including police. This would bring change from the inside out rather than trying to impose change only from the outside in. As within so without. As above so below. It heals the spiritual disconnect which is at the root of the imbalance.

Reiki works to open a person’s awareness and to experience the magic or miracle of life, to see existence as it really is. Automatically and spontaneously, pain and tension release, addictions tend to fall away, diseases often go into remission, and the person starts seeing with new eyes – through the eyes of the heart. It brings great peace and compassion, raising one’s consciousness. In that state of balance, one naturally sees the sacredness of all life and aligns with it.

Raising the collective consciousness changes the structure of the world and brings a new reality more beautiful than we have ever imagined. The police who patrol our streets can be trained to serve as energy workers bringing peaceful energy and resolution wherever they go. As the collective consciousness is raised within each of us manifesting as support and justice for all, the need for force would become rare or even nonexistent. This respect for all life includes every creature on the planet and all of Nature.

To be a good agent of change, I need to have a clean heart. First I have to be the change. If I allow negativity to enter me toward anyone including the perpetrators of injustice, then I become just like the very thing I am trying to change. Compassion for all, because everyone needs healing. 

In Nature when there is a poisonous plant, within a few feet of it grows the plant that is the remedy for that poison. We have been given the remedy, the tools customized for this time to bring healing to humanity. Tools of inner healing that get to the heart of it. But we have to pick up the tools. It’s up to each one of us.

In the South Bronx, Mother Teresa also had a center when I was there. One time she came to visit. Hundreds of people crowded into the back yard of their center. A pathway had been cleared for her, and she walked along blessing everyone. When she came to where I stood, she stopped and our eyes met. There was a recognition between our souls, of two spirits here to help humanity and bring the light. Something very beautiful transpired between our hearts. Smiles and much light beamed between us. She reached out her arms and we hugged.

I continue to channel that pure love that I saw in her heart and in mine, to all beings. This healing energy flows now to the world and to all of humanity. I send this light and love to you as the divinely guided life force energy of Reiki. The healing and transformation are very possible. Let us never underestimate the power of Love.

Much Love & Peace,


Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

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Receive Peaceful Reiki Healing in the Comfort of Your Home!

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