Reiki Soul Celebrations ♫?

The first Sunday of every month, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Jun 2 ~ July 7 ~ Aug 4 ~ Sept 1 ~ Oct 6

eZential Wellness Center
1 Lamington Road, Branchburg, NJ 08876

Everyone is welcome! Join us for an enlightening and deeply fulfilling afternoon of Reiki, high vibration sound healing and guided meditation.

Immerse in peaceful healing energies at this gathering from the heart at eZential Wellness Center in Branchburg, NJ. Your body, mind, heart and soul will thank you!

Beth and other Usui Holy Fire Reiki Masters deliver ReikiSonics sound healing, playing gong, drums, tingsha, koshi bells, Peruvian flute and an array of Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls, gem-infused with amethyst, rose quartz, sapphire and prehnite. Each instrument is charged with Reiki as it carries the healing vibrations on soothing tones of many octaves, accompanied by ancient chants. Allow yourself to be transported by the high frequency sound waves of Reiki harmonics!

Image 7.1Are you new to Reiki? Listen to an uplifting and illuminating presentation. Then experience the peace, relaxation and healing of a guided meditation, drum journey and a short individual Reiki session. Five tables are set up with 2 or more trained and gifted Reiki practitioners at each table. Enjoy Reiki and sound healing together, as the singing bowls continue to play during your session.

Reiki practitioners, a beautiful opportunity for you to receive and to give. Connect with your healing community!

These events have taken place monthly since the summer of 2013, and our community continues to expand! From ages 5 to 85, hundreds have come and experienced powerful and rejuvenating healing and transformation. Enjoy the company of the many beautiful people who gather here while nourishing your body, mind and soul. All are welcome. Awaken, experience the soothing energies, and come back home into the realm of your heart!

$15. Walk-ins welcome. Event attendance ranges from 25-50 people.

Listen to what some have to say …Image 9.1

“Magnificent! Profound! Heart Centered! Really brought me back to myself in so many ways. Thanks to you all for your healing warmth care and concern!”  – Diane S.

“Like being in a vortex beaming with love, light, and positive energy. I was in a constant state of bliss.” – Marisol

“Wonderful!!!! Great people and lovely energy exchange!” – Karin Lehr

“Very powerful experience. Met some extremely evolved individuals. Look forward to next session.”  – Holly Strelzik

“Reiki Share Event was a spiritually rejuvenating experience. Beth has a great knowledge of Reiki and has a positive energy which radiates all around her. Beautiful Environment with Nourishment For My Soul.”  – Brendan

Image 8.1“I Felt Calm and relaxed as I exited the building. I had no stressful feelings. I was able to see a clear answer to a deep seeded problem. Thank you for the experience.” – Michelle Harris

“I had such an amazing time! What a phenomenal experience!”  – Isabel Hernandez

“What an amazing high vibrational loving fun full day.”  – Kenneth Hahn

“Room full of Powerful People!!! WOW!! Great Day!” – M. Scott Edell

“I love sharing with all my buddies. It’s so intense. Seeing the Reki flow is magical. The Singing Bowl and guided meditations are my favorite. It just makes me want to further my education in Reki!”  – Camille Parisi

“Wonderful. Like a battery recharge for the soul.”  – Kate Jannuzzi


eZential Wellness Center  1 Lamington Road, Branchburg, NJ 08876

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