Block Release Technique

Block Release Technique

How Does The Reiki Block Release Technique Work?

The human experience provides many opportunities for growth and adventure. One of these opportunities comes in the form of a block or pattern that seems to hold a person back. This can happen in any area of life: health, wealth, career, relationships, spirituality.

When a person finds themselves blocked or stuck, they often repeat a pattern over and over trying to get past it. Resisting it sometimes makes the block stronger, increasing one’s engagement with it. What we resist persists.

Earth school is filled with ups and downs, hills and valleys. Each of these holds a gift and is part of our journey. The challenges are customized for our individual soul’s mission and advancement in this life. Like a diving board giving us an opportunity for ever greater expansion. For our mastery, blocks can help us to build spiritual muscle.

In healing sessions, I offer to clients a special Reiki technique for releasing a block. So far everyone who has experienced a block release has had a positive tangible shift in which they were then able to move forward in ways they could not before. As part of the release, a person receives revelations and insights. Sometimes the “a-ha” reveals how the block had formed.


One client’s block was fear of driving. It had been going on for decades and limited her life considerably. Right after the block was released in a Reiki healing session, she got in her car and drove everywhere that day – highways, tunnels, bridges. It has been many years since the release, and she continues to drive freely with no restriction. The release helped her to understand the fear, and to then release it in other areas of her life also.

Another person’s block was about learning to receive financial abundance. Though a trained and skilled professional in his field, despite all his efforts to find employment for two years he remained out of work. He had run out of money and was selling possessions in order to buy food.

In session, we released the block that was preventing him from finding work. At the end of the session, the client checked his phone. During the release a potential employer had left a message inviting him for an interview! Soon other opportunities also appeared, giving him plenty of employment options. His financial abundance was restored and has continued. He learned something important about deserving, and receiving all of the good that the Universe is showering upon him.

Reiki and block release also help with anxiety. In one case, the release helped a client to learn the difference between awareness and anxiety. Through the release, she realized how culturally she had been conditioned to think that in order to be safe she needed to be anxious, always on guard. Once this pattern/block was energetically released, she was able to adopt calm and wise discernment instead of fear.

Sometimes a block stems from a belief. Often the belief was adopted early in life and the person does not always remember accepting that belief. Blocks can also form through cultural conditioning, how we were raised. Such patterns tend to be passed down through the generations within families, known as ancestral patterns. There are also archetypes that exist in the collective consciousness of humanity which can become part of a person’s block.

The Block Release Process

The block release technique is a spiritual energetic healing in which the pattern is released from the client’s energy field and life. They are then able to proceed in areas where before they were stuck, with greater wisdom and understanding than ever before. Having and releasing a block brings empowering life lessons. This is the gift of the block.

Of the hundreds of releases I have facilitated, each one is unique and seems to be perfectly customized for the person’s journey and growth. By who? By that person’s own soul and by the Creator, out of love.

The release includes a meditative journey bringing the client in touch with divine healing light. After a short time of speaking I fall silent, while Reiki continues and completes the release. I am simply a channel for the healing energy. Reiki, and the person’s own self, do the healing.

Afterward when I ask the client how they are doing, very often they report feeling much lighter, like a weight was lifted. Sometimes physical pain that may have been connected to the block also released and is gone. They often describe very beautiful and profound experiences that occurred during the release.

In the Reiki Master classes, I teach students how to facilitate block release for others and for themselves using this technique. The attunement that students receive in the master class energetically enables them to facilitate the releases.

If you are interested in receiving Reiki and to have blocks released, you are welcome to book a Reiki Distance Healing Telephone Session on the Distance Healing page. It is my great honor to assist you!

Infinite love, peace & blessings


Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

“Reiki is a technique that promotes healing. It is an amazing thing that we all have as living beings. I have been going to Beth for awhile now and my last session with her was quite amazing. She did an Aura Clearing to remove a block that I was experiencing for a very long time. I am currently taking a new chapter in my life and it has been a very scary ride for me. At first, thinking about how I’d find a job and a place to live was something I never thought was going to be easy. I figured it would be a very long time to find a job. But with the the help of Beth, she unblocked something that was trapping me from experiencing the joy of my life journey. And within just a week after this session, I found the right job and place to live! Now that my aura is cleared, I know that many things are possible. With the help of Reiki and having my positive thoughts, many things in my life have come more naturally instead of being nervous and worried. I encourage you to try Reiki and keep an open mind because it truly works and is very life changing. I recommend you give Beth a chance to help you with your life journey.”
~ Erica Martins

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